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The 5PM Liturgy

*All in- person services and gatherings at St. Paul’s are being suspended until further notice. *


Created in 2009, our 5PM Liturgy and the community that has formed around it aims to use the Anglo-Catholic liturgical and spiritual traditions of the parish and experiment with a greater involvement of the community itself in the creation of and participation in the liturgy.  Thus, our 5PM liturgy is the same shape as our morning liturgies, and like the morning liturgies, makes use of silence and stillness, bowing, incense and chant.  At the same time, however, our 5PM liturgy has a number of elements that are all its own: a shared homily, where community members are invited to respond to the brief homily offered by the preacher; the use of piano, bringing a distinctively American modern spirit to the liturgy; an “in-the-round” configuration in our parish hall, meaning the community sees each other at the Eucharist; and finally, the use of artists-in-residence who offer their art as a part of the worship.

Entrance to the parish hall for the 5PM is through the gate to the right of the sanctuary doors, down the ramp.

If you plan on your child participating in Godly Play at the 5PM, please email the parish office by the Wednesday prior so that we can accommodate your family.