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Social Justice

Social Justice

“Rise up and go into the city, and it will be given to you what to do.”
— Acts 9:6


As a community, we want to grow more fully into our baptismal covenant, and we believe we can do this best by connecting our liturgical practices to how we go out into the world. We want to be a more integral part of our neighborhood, and to work together with our wider community. We believe our urban location calls us into fresh engagement with those around us.

We feel called to continue to find ways to engage, serve, and minister in our wider neighborhood and invest our resources in meaningful programs that impact the world around us. From engaging with social justice issues to carefully and consistently engaging in deliberate acts of mercy, to building relationships with both individuals and organizations beyond our doors, we expect that the coming years will be rich in challenge and opportunity for our congregation in this space (which we are working on making more accessible). 

Our social justice ministries give us opportunities to do much more collectively than we could on our own. We believe that in coming to know those who may at first seem very different from ourselves we are able to more clearly see God’s presence in all of us and expand our understanding of our own privileges and the impact of systemic racism, capitalism, misogyny, and other ways in which the poor and marginalized are oppressed by our society.

Here are some of the active and emerging ministries in our parish. Click the links to learn more:

  • SPiN
  • Anti-Racism Commission
  • Art Heals
  • Honey Buckets – During the height of the pandemic, we chose to respond with compassion for our unhoused neighbors by renting portable toilets that they could use easily in our parking lot. The result was not only that bodily wastes were properly contained, but our neighbors experiencing homelessness regarded our gesture as an act of friendship, and we began to build relationships that are mutually beneficial.
  • Little Free Pantry – We are in the process of finding an artist to paint our pantry and have commitments from many of our neighborhood businesses to support us in this ministry.
  • Operation Nightwatch Shelter – We are in the process of working with Operation Nightwatch to provide overnight shelter space in our parish hall.