Welcome Back!

Reopening our doors

Reopening our doors

St. Paul’s has submitted a Re-Opening Plan to the Diocese and it has been approved! Click here to read through it.


It won’t surprise you to hear that we don’t yet have an exact date for our reopening. As directed by the Bishop, we’ll be undertaking a phased approach to reopening, that follows Governor Jay Inslee’s guide for businesses and churches in our state.

  • Click here for Governor Inslee’s most recently updated document “Guidelines for Religious and Faith Based Organizations”. This contains the most updated and accurate information.
  • While the guidelines of this document are now out of date, the first few pages contain good information for churches in our diocese when planning for re-opening:
    Click here for the Bishop’s guidelines for the reopening of churches in our Diocese. Watch this video for the Bishop’s most recent update.
  • Click here for the Diocese of Olympia’s Covid-19 response resources page

The St. Paul’s Re-opening Stakeholders meets regularly via Zoom.  Along with the guidance of our clergy, membership includes: Laura Saunders and Christy Drackett, co-chairs; Lizann Jones, Prue Klukhohn, Daryl Schlick, Carol Wiesenbach, Barbara Potgieter, BJ Ohlweiler, Emily Tweedie and Laura Griffin. Please keep us in your prayers, and discern if/where you might be able to offer your gifts as we undertake this work together.

Regular updates will be included in our newsletter and on our
re-opening blog page.