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Joining the Parish

Joining the Parish

People choose many different ways to be related to St. Paul’s. Some simply decide to “hang out” in the parish for a short or long time, participating in worship and adult formation and outreach activities without feeling drawn to formalize their connection to the parish and to the Episcopal Church. Others find themselves drawn to a more intentional, formalized connection to the parish, the Christian way and the Episcopal Church. For some within this category this will mean an intentional time of preparation for baptism. For others this will mean a similar time of preparation for reception (if you come from an Orthodox, Roman Catholic or ELCA Lutheran background) or confirmation (if you come from any other church tradition or an Episcopal background just not yet confirmed). Finally, Episcopalians that have been members of other congregations who want to affiliate with St. Paul’s can transfer their membership from their former congregation to St. Paul’s.

If you’re interested in learning more about joining the parish, contact the parish office.

Regardless of religious background and experience, we are committed to providing an open environment for learning about who we are and what we do and for honoring each person’s discernment in terms of their affiliation with the parish and the Episcopal Church. In other words, welcome and we’re glad you’re here. We simply want to join you in exploring whether we are the faith community for you and helping you understand what it means to make a home here.

After you have been here a time and have made St. Paul’s your home, we invite you to fill out our New Parishioner Information form so we can keep in touch and get to know you better.