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Here is a selection of organ music played by Gary James, St. Paul’s organist/choirmaster, that showcases the sounds and ability of our mechanical action organ.

St Paul Seattle · St Paul’s Music
Hermann Schroeder’s Präambeln und Interludien: Nr. 3 (Andante) is published by Edition Schott 4539


Here is a selection of musical settings, sung by St. Paul’s choir and individual choir members, and directed by Gary James.

St Paul Seattle · St. Paul’s Choir


Tracks #1-8

From Missa pro defunctis by Juan Esquivel (ca. 1563 – after 1623)
Juan Esquivel’s Missa pro defunctis, edited by Clive Walkley, is published by Mapa Mundi, © 1996 by Vanderbeek & Imrie Ltd.

Track #9

Rise Heart, thy Lord is risen by  Gary James (b. 1957), text by George Herbert (1593-1633)

Track #10

Sancti mei by Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594), sung by Tim Blok and T.J. Callahan

O my saints, who in this world have endured conflict,
to you will I give the reward of your labors.

Track #11

O spectabiles viri by Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), sung by Denná Good-Mojab

O men of sight -— what a sight! You’ve passed, as mysteries perceiving, through spirit’s eyes to announce in shining shadow a living, piercing light that buds upon that single branch that flourished at the entrance of deep-rooted light:

You saints of old! You have foretold salvation of souls in exile plunged, in death immersed. You circled wondrously like wheels, proclaimed the mountain’s mysteries whose top the heavens touched and passed through many waters with anointing— yet still among you rose a shining lamp that raced ahead, that mountain to reveal.