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If you have a specific prayer that you would like to be read aloud during the intercessions at Sunday Morning Prayer, fill out this form here, call the office at 206-282-0786, or email the parish office. The Chalice Prayer team will continue to pray these prayers daily throughout the rest of the week.


Holy Eucharist

In the Holy Eucharist we come together, share a meal and experience our deepest selves in community with others and with a loving God in the person of Jesus. Through the Eucharist we gain strength for our lives and participate in the pattern of all Christian life: letting go and turning our lives over to God to be used in service to the world. Baptized Christians of all ages or denominations are welcome to participate in and receive communion at St. Paul’s. See a list of services where we celebrate the Eucharist.


Daily Office

The Daily Office is the Church’s daily act of prayer. Whether said in a group in a parish church or as an individual with morning coffee, the Office is our participation in the Church’s daily praise of God. Different psalms, readings and prayers are appointed for each day. At St. Paul’s we encourage and train members to make use of some form of the Daily Office as part of their prayer life. See our home page for a list of weekly times we pray the Daily Office.


Chalice Prayer Team

Chalice is a group of parishioners and clergy praying for whatever is in the hearts and minds of the people of St. Paul’s. Each Sunday evening the prayers of the people from Sunday’s Mass are emailed to the team to pray for throughout the week. Needs that arise during the week may also be added to the prayer list. If you have a specific prayer that you would like to add, fill out this form here. What matters most is that the parish, its concerns, and thanksgivings are being held in prayer day after day. Members generally find the practice to be a fulfilling part of their own spiritual growth, and a simple yet profound way to support the parish.



The ancient chanted liturgy known as Benediction (meaning “Blessing”) is a service which often concludes another service (Evensong, for instance) and in which the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a monstrance or on the altar surrounded by candles. At the end of the service, which includes the singing of hymns and a time of silence in contemplation of the Word made flesh, a priest takes the monstrance and makes the sign of the cross with it over the people.

St. Paul’s offers Evensong and Benediction quarterly on Saturday evenings at 5:30 PM in conjunction with The Feast of Corpus Christi, The Feast of St. Mary the Virgin and The Feast of Christ the King. See the calendar for upcoming services.


Marian Devotions

At St. Paul’s, both the Nave and All Saints Chapel have a Mary shrine. These areas are always available for prayers in the presence of Mary. As a Church community, we also offer the following times of prayer in the presence of Mary or connected to a Marian theme:

  • Prior to our 10:45 Mass, the praying of the Angelus at the Mary shrine
  • At the conclusion of Wednesday Evening Prayer at 5:30 PM in the Chapel, the praying of the Angelus
  • A full celebration of the Feast of St. Mary the Virgin on the Sunday closest to the feast day
  • Evensong and Benediction on the Eve of the celebration of the above Feast
  • A week of Evening Prayer with a Marian emphasis at 5:30 PM in the Chapel prior to our celebration of the Feast of St. Mary the Virgin.

Read more about Marian Devotion.