Art and Artists in the Parish

St. Paul’s is full of artists and its property full of art. Among us are filmmakers, poets, actors and actresses, screenplay writers, musicians and dancers and throughout our space is art that is meant to stimulate the senses and connect us to God. From the architecture of the nave, to the icon of the Virgin Mary (our Lady of Vladimir) in the Mary shrine, to artwork hung in the gallery, in the office area and in the Chapel, St. Paul’s is full of art. Below is some of the artwork you will find at St. Paul’s:

Crucifix in the Church

The crucifix in our Church was carved by John Anderson, a former parishioner. Using a relative as a model, the artist sought to create a crucified Christ that communicated the victory of the cross.  Thus our crucifix depicts a Christ who is very much alive and is looking toward heaven.

Crucifix and St. Peter Statues in the Chapel

Created by renowned Southwestern artist George Lopez, both statues are representative of the Cordova, New Mexico school of woodcarvers that emphasizes simplicity of form.

Chapel Crucifix


The pulpit was designed and built by John Gierlich, who was a professor of art at Cornish College of the Arts.  The metal work design represents the role of a proclamation as well as a source of ‘the water of life.’


Bordering St. Paul’s on Roy Street is a decorative fence designed by Seattle artist Deborah Mersky, which contains symbols reflecting the life of the parish community (see section of fence on this page’s banner).


Prints by Kathleen Frugé-Brown

Seven original linoleum block prints by Kathleen Frugé-Brown hang in our St. Francis Room. They depict seven germinal scenes from the life of Francis of Assisi from the perspective of Francis himself.

These seven prints (view them here) were reproduced in the novella  And I, Francis: The Life of Francis of Assisi in Word and Image, text by St. Paul’s parishioner Lauren Glen Dunlap. The book is available in our library.

Domestic Madonna Paintings

Domestic MadonnaNance Parker is perhaps best known as the master puppet builder at Shoestring Theater in Portland, Maine. Her vibrant Domestic Madonnas paintings contrast with the serene and contemplative images of women in a domestic moment. Mother Melissa, discovered them at Trinity Parish’s gallery in Castine, ME, and brought back five paintings, which now hang in the parish office.

Font, Altar and Nave

The nave, itself, and our new font and altar are all pieces of art that are meant to be the means through which parishioners encounter the life and death of Jesus Christ.