Holy Week & Easter at St. Paul's

Staying Connected While Apart

Staying Connected While Apart

Even though St. Paul’s is closed, our parish continues to flourish as a community. This page offers ways in which we can connect with one another online. Many of these opportunities are streamlined through Realm. If you have not set up your account yet, email the parish office. Regular news and announcements will still be sent out weekly. Subscribe to our newsletter here.


Daily Office

It has been a tradition at St. Paul’s to pray the Daily Office in the chapel. We will continue to offer the following online, through Zoom:

  • Morning Prayer at 8:30am, Monday-Friday
  • Evening Prayer at 5:30pm, Monday-Friday
  • Sunday Morning Prayer at 10am

Find the links to join these prayer groups in the event calendar on Realm or contact Charissa. Whether you participate in the liturgy with us or on your own, it will be helpful for you to use these prayer cards.


Prayers requests

The Chalice Prayer team is lifting up prayers of the parish every day. Send your prayer requests to the parish office.

If you have a specific prayer that you would like to be read during the intercessions at Sunday Morning Prayer, fill out this form here.



While the church is closed, your weekly, monthly, or annual gift to St. Paul’s will…

  • Provide upkeep and maintenance of the church building and grounds
  • Allow church staff to maintain all areas of our ministry work
  • Ensure that normal operations can resume when the time comes


Friends of St. Paul’s Facebook Group

Connect with your friends and parish family online at any time through this closed facebook group. It is our intention that we share updates, stories, and encouragement with one another during this time.


Neighborhood Mutual Care Groups

We have created and assigned small groups of parishioners based on their geographic area on Realm. Let us know if you are not a part of a group! Group members are encouraged to check in regularly to make sure that physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. If an urgent need is identified, please contact the parish office. You may opt out of group participation at any time.


St. Paul’s Care Team

We have assembled a Care Team of folks ready and willing to help vulnerable parishioners who might fall into any at-risk-group categories OR are struggling because of a sudden change or situation. Contact Natalie if you would like to join this team or are in need or assistance.


Additional Resources:


Live-Stream and Virtual Worship
These are two services that Bishop Rickel has commended to our diocese to link to and join.

Here are some others taking place in our diocese:

Here is a link that can be used by members of your household to share in spiritual communion.


Faith Practices at Home with Children

Here are the Sunday Papers for the next few weeks for you to print and use at home: Lent 3, Lent 4, Lent 5, Palm Sunday, Easter.

The following resources are listed on Christ Church, Bronxville, webpage.

  • StoryMakers: StoryMakers is dedicated to creating new ways to share God’s redemptive narrative found in the Bible.
  • Godly Play Foundation: The Godly Play Foundation has a YouTube channel with numerous stories to watch being presented by a myriad of Godly Play trainers.
  • Worship at Home: When it isn’t possible to join with the local church, this outline is designed to help you have a short time of worship as a household. Please adapt it to suit those who are present – add anything you might usually do in church or omit anything that you are not comfortable with. Have a variety of voices leading, not just the oldest!
  • Do Faith at Home – Faith at Home is a weekly lectionary devotional/Bible study for families provided by Forma and Forward Movement. Its mission: Our faith is not just something we check in with on Sundays; our faith is how we live lives of meaning and purpose every day of the week, if we will learn to notice and respond to how God is moving.
  • The FAITH5 – The FAITH5 from Faith Inkubators is a simple, easy-to-implement faith practice, perfect for incorporating into your bedtime routine for five to fifteen minutes a night.
  • We Wonder – Lent is a podcast from the Church of England, a contemplative Lenten devotional for children to wonder together about the story of God. Each episode features: a scripture passage brought to life with dynamic music and sound effects, a short, engaging reflection on the passage, a contemplative time for wondering together about the story for the day, and brief thoughts and prayer led by a special child-guest each day.
  • Tucked In: Bedtime Stories & Prayers – Tucked In: Bedtime Stories and Prayers with Episcopalians and others is a Facebook Group that does live-streaming of different folks reading a picture book with faith themes. Each Wednesday evening (7:00pm ET) and occasional Mondays, you can join to hear Bible and other stories and short bedtime prayers.


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