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Praying with St. Paul’s

Praying with St. Paul’s

The Daily Office is the Church’s daily act of prayer. Whether said in a group in a parish church or as an individual with morning coffee, the Office is our participation in the Church’s daily praise of God. Different psalms, readings and prayers are appointed for each day. At St. Paul’s we encourage and train members to make use of some form of the Daily Office as part of their prayer life.


Pray with St. Pauls…


On Zoom:
Find meeting details in Realm or contact the parish office.

+ Sunday Morning Worship at 10am
+ Contemplative Morning Prayer: Tuesdays, 7:30am
+ Morning Prayer: Monday through Friday, 8:30am
+ Evening Prayer: Wednesdays, 6:15pm
+ Compline: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30pm

If you have a specific prayer that you would like to be read aloud during the intercessions on Sunday mornings, fill out this form here. The Chalice Prayer team will continue to pray these prayers daily throughout the rest of the week.

Here is a link that can be used by members of your household to share in spiritual communion.


At home:
These prayer cards are updated seasonally

Contemplative Morning Prayer Card

Morning Prayer Card, Season of Lent
Morning Prayer Card, Season after Pentecost 
Morning Prayer Card, Season of Advent

Evening Prayer Card, Season of Lent
Evening Prayer Card, Season after Pentecost
Evening Prayer  Card, Season of Advent

An Order for Compline, Season of Lent
An Order for Compline, Season after Pentecost
An Order for Compline, Season of Advent
If you’re interested in joining a Dinner + Compline small group, click here.


Simplified Prayers for Use in the Home –

Morning, Season of Lent
Morning, Season after Pentecost
Morning, Season of Advent

Noon, Season of Lent
Noon, Season after Pentecost
Noon, Season of Advent

Evening, Season of Lent
Evening, Season after Pentecost
Evening, Season of Advent

Close of Day, Season of Lent
Close of Day, Season after Pentecost
Close of Day, Season of Advent


Praying with Young Children –
Praying multiple times per day with our children teaches us and them that time spent with God is our most important time spent. If your children are old enough to read and say the prayers with you, the prayers should be said in unison. One person – either adult or child – should read the scripture passage.

Season of Lent Prayer Booklet for Young Children
Season after Pentecost Prayer Booklet for Young Children


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