Enquirers’ Classes


Enquirers’ classes are designed for persons who seek a more in-depth introduction to Episcopal faith and life, especially for those who are considering baptism, confirmation, or reception in the Episcopal Church.  Our Enquirers’ classes typically meet on two consecutive Sundays and cover such topics as:

  • How do we understand what we mean by “faith”?
  • Where does the Episcopal Church fit in the development of Christian ecclesial traditions?  What is its unique character and personality?
  • What does “Anglo-Catholic” mean?  How is it similar to and different from the Episcopal Church?
  • How does the Episcopal Church and St. Paul’s understand sacraments?
  • What is different about the Episcopal Church’s and St. Paul’s approach to the practice of faith in terms of worship and prayer?
  • How does the Episcopal Church and St. Paul’s understand and make use of Scripture?
  • What is a “Rule of Life” and how might a person make use of and create his or her own Rule?
  • How does one become more involved at St. Paul’s?

See our News and Events page for upcoming enquirer’s classes.