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Adult Formation

Adult formation at St. Paul’s is open to everyone: visitors, newcomers, long-timers, and anyone who wants to connect with others, understand the Christian way of life, and nurture practices which enrich their lives in the world.

Adult Christian formation continues through the Fall both during the Community Hour on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings.

Sunday Morning:

Sunday morning Community Hour takes place between the 9am and 11:15am Masses (roughly 10:20-11am), and is offered as a taste of a subject—an invitation to either deeper personal study or a fuller treatment on Wednesday evenings.

  • The Communion of Saints, November 4th
    What is it? What difference does it make? What’s the Episcopal Church’s understanding on saints and their veneration and devotion?
  • Martin of Tours, November 11th
    Martin of Tours is the patron saint of soldiers, but perhaps a counter-intuitive one. Find out about this fascinating saint whose feast day is (not coincidentally) also Veteran’s Day.

Wednesday Evening Church:

Wednesday Evening Church takes place in the context of worship and a meal and it’s a place to experience a different kind of community with fellow St. Paul’s parishioners.

Evening Prayer—5:30pm in the chapel
Mass—6:15pm in the Parish Hall
Meal and discussion—around 7pm

  • The Gospel of Luke, November 7th, 14th, and 28th
    Beginning on the First Sunday of Advent, the gospel readings in the Church’s lectionary will shift to the Gospel of Luke. In November, to prepare for this shift, Wednesday Evening Church will offer an opportunity to take a closer look at this gospel: the longest of the four (about a quarter of the New Testament), containing some of the most beloved Christmas stories, is the only one with a sequel (the Acts of the Apostles), and has been called by some the Social Justice gospel.


All of our offerings are informed by our baptismal theology.