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Formation & Practice

Adult Formation

Adult formation at St. Paul’s is open to everyone: visitors, newcomers, long-timers, and anyone who wants to connect with others, understand the Christian way of life, and nurture practices which enrich their lives in the world.

Adult Christian formation continues through the summer both during the Community Hour on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings.

Sunday Morning:

Sunday morning Community Hour takes place between the 9am and 11:15am Masses (roughly 10:20-11am), and is offered as a taste of a subject—an invitation to either deeper personal study or a fuller treatment on Wednesday evenings.

  • June 24, Food and Faith—Father Rob talks more about the Food and Faith movement and about ways St. Paul’s might plug into it.
  • July 8,  Benedictine Christianity—A Benedictine sensibility is in the DNA of the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church, and St. Paul’s. Find out more about what that means.
  • July 22, The “Other” Sacraments—The two sacraments that Christians are most familiar with are Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist, but there are more. Come and learn more about Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Ordination, Holy Unction, and Reconciliation of a Penitent.
  • August 12, The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Anglican Tradition—St. Paul’s is blessed to have several icons of and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This morning we’ll talk about the role of Marian Devotion in the Anglican tradition.
  • August  26, The Catechumenal Process and Christian Initiation—We have begun to recover a more robust catechumenal process at St. Paul’s, but we’re just getting started. Learn about what this process is, what to expect as move forward, and why it matters.
  • September 9, Anglican Religious Orders and Communities—Henry VIII wiped out religious orders in the Church of England, but they made a comeback in the 19th century and play an important role in the life of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion today. This morning learn a bit about their history and ministry.

Wednesday Evening:

Wednesday Evening Formation takes place in the context of worship and a meal and it’s a place to experience a different kind of community with fellow St. Paul’s parishioners.

Evening Prayer—5:30pm in the chapel
Mass—6:15pm in the Parish Hall
Meal and discussion—around 7pm

  • June 20-27, The Oxford Movement and Anglo-Catholicism—St. Paul’s identifies strongly with Anglo-Catholicism. Learn about the Oxford Movement that started it, and what it means today in this two-part series.
  • July 11, Saint Benedict—Just in time for his feast day we’ll discuss this saint who is essential to Western Monasticism and to Anglican/Episcopal Christianity.
  • July 18, Faith and Physics—Barbara Potgieter will lead a discussion about faith and physics and how the two intersect in ways that might surprise you.
  • July 25-August 1, Whiteness and the Church—Our summer intern, Rachel Douglas, will lead a discussion on what whiteness means and how it effects the life of the Church.
  • August 8-15, Rule of Life—Mother Sara will lead a two-week workshop on a personal Rule of Life, what it is, and how to create one. We’ll also begin a conversation about a Parish Rule of Life.
  • August 22-29, Learning to Pray More Deeply—Father Rob will offer a chance to practice different types of prayer and how to move more deeply into prayer.


All of our offerings are informed by our baptismal theology. For information about particular events, see our Upcoming Events page.