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Dinner + Compline

Dinner + Compline

Our parish has expressed a desire for more ways to connect with one another and to build deeper relationships.  Therefore, this Winter and Spring we are piloting “Dinner + Compline.”   Volunteers will host a gathering of people in their homes once a month, providing space to get to know each other over a shared a meal and to pray compline together.  The idea is to keep things fairly simple with four activities at each gathering:

  • Connect with those who come,
  • Bless the food and company,
  • Eat together, and
  • Pray the compline (found on page 127 in the BCP, or a simplified version accessed here)

Before leaving for the night, the group should schedule the next time to gather!   Each host will hold six gatherings so that participants have an opportunity to deepen and develop connection with each other over time, while also creating space for new people to join them.

If you are interested in joining a Dinner + Compline group, please look over the list of groups below and reach out directly to one of the hosts to let them know you’d like to join.

  • Lower Queen Anne
    Hosted by Barbara Timms: timmsb@msn.com, 206-799-7824
    Adult-friendly space
  • West Queen Anne
    Hosted by Malaika O’Rourke: malaika.orourke@gmail.com, 206-661-8797
    Family/Child-friendly space
  • Shoreline
    Hosted by Sharon Cumberland: slc@seattleu.edu, 206-434-5691
    Split level home with lots of steps
  • Belltown
    Hosted by Barbara Potgieter: doublejoy97@yahoo.com, 914-216-9419
    Vegetarian/vegan meals; must be comfortable with cats

If you are interested in hosting a Dinner + Compline group, please contact Adam Conley.