Advent & Christmas at St. Paul's



Behind the Scenes

There are many opportunities to serve “behind the scenes” at St. Paul’s. See the list of areas for volunteering below and their respective contacts.

Office Volunteers: Contact Parish Administrator Emily Tweedie to find out more about opportunities to volunteer in the church office.

Centennial Garden: Contact Prue Kluckhohn if you’re interested in helping to maintain our labyrinth garden area.

Sacristans: The role of the sacristan is to perform the unseen tasks that make the liturgical celebration a joyful prayer of thanksgiving and praise in the care of the vestments and the vessels used in the Eucharist. Contact  Prue Kluckhohn if you’re interested in serving as a sacristan.

Liturgy: Contact  Mark Taylor if you’re interested in serving during the liturgy.

Community Hour: Between the 9am and 11:15am masses St. Paul’s hosts a Community Hour in the Parish Hall, an opportunity for parishioners from both services to gather and connect. Contact Emily Tweedie if you’re interested in helping out during this time.

Coffee Hour: If you’d like to host a coffee hour after the 11:15 mass, contact Lizann Jones.


Neighborhood Outreach

Fatted Calf Café

In the early Church, the Eucharist was in the context of a shared meal, and what was left over was shared with those who could not be present. This formed the idea for sharing a festive meal with the greater community and the birth of the Fatted Calf Café at St. Paul’s.  The Fatted Calf Café opens on the last Tuesday of every month. The meals are a function of the imagination, time, talent and treasure.

Our guests, anyone from the community who wishes to come, are treated to a sit-down dinner where we share quality food and conversation. Each meal also features home-baked bread, baked by St. Paul’s parishioners.  For more information about Fatted Calf Café contact Audrey Riddle with questions.

Contact Adam Conley to help with prep, set-up, serving, clean-up or any of a number of areas for our monthly community meal).

Karen Korn Project

The Karen Korn Project was formed in honor of its namesake, Karen Korn, who lived her life creatively and died of suicide after a long struggle with mental illness and homelessness. In collaboration with the Mental Health Chaplaincy, every Tuesday, people from the local community experiencing various levels of mental illness and homelessness are invited to a creative open space in St. Paul’s parish hall—a place to be who you are and discover your creativity. Join us on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30 pm. On the last Tuesday of the month, we join with Fatted Calf Cafe for our monthly community meal. Contact Mental Health Chaplain Kae Eaton with questions.

Women’s Shelter

St. Paul’s hosts an overnight women’s shelter in the parish hall seven days a week through SHARE/WHEEL. Click here to learn how to be a participant or contact SHARE/WHEEL at 206-448 7889.

Food Bank

We collect food each month to be taken to a local food bank.  In addition to this, we routinely take excess food from events at the Church to local shelters who use the food for the meals they offer their residents.


St. Paul’s has a commitment to the region’s HIV and AIDS community that goes back to the early days of the pandemic. Under Father Peter Moore in the 1980s, St. Paul’s was known throughout the city as the only faith community to first extend an olive branch of acknowledgment, compassion and welcome to people suffering from AIDS, their friends and family. Father Moore was known for his publicly declared invitation stating any friends or families who had lost a loved one to AIDS could hold their memorial service or funeral at St. Paul’s.

St. Paul’s parish was itself devastated by the loss of its own members to AIDS, and the parish continues to stand vigil in remembrance of those who died. A significant part of this honoring of our past, present and future is our active participation in the annual AIDS Walk. To provide financial support or to join St. Paul’s team, please contact Howard Henry .

Other Service

We also are engaged in a host of other service activities: our coupon program for our homeless neighbors in which out parish office distributes coupons for food for those in need, the Seattle Metro discounted bus ticket program, volunteers in the city’s AIDS teams, and an emerging “yes” fund made up of contributions collected for compassionate projects out of the proceeds of our annual auction.