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Book Groups

All are welcome to join neighborhood book groups that meet regularly throughout the month in neighborhoods all over Seattle. A new book is introduced each year in Epiphany as a suggested guide. Neighborhood groups are open to join any time.


TS McHugh’s

On the first Sunday of each month the 5PM community is invited to gather after the service for refreshment and conversation at TS McHugh’s on Mercer Street. Sometimes we converse around a theme, sometimes we simply gather because it is good to be together. We wander over after we’ve had some post-worship fellowship and clean-up time, and appetizers are on St. Paul’s. All are welcome.


Discernment Groups

Throughout our lives, we make choices about what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to. A word for this process of decision-making is “discernment.” At St. Paul’s we believe that some of the weightier decisions we have to make are best made in an exploratory listening process with others. Thus, each year we offer mutual discernment groups that assist those with a question for discernment to work on the question in the context of a prayerful, confidential, committed community that listens deeply to the question and helps the person explore “the questions under the question.”

Mutual discernment groups are not therapy, advice giving or support groups. Rather they are groups led by trained facilitators who are guardians of specific process in which the “focus person” lays out his or her question and then responds to the questions of others about the focus person’s question.

Some questions that participants might bring to a mutual discernment group are: Should I retire at this time in my work life? Am I open to marriage/partnership at this time? Am I being called to commit to a specific church community or not? What is the nature of my vocation? Should I take the responsibility for a specific project right now? What kind of life do I want for myself right now?

Contact Mother Sara if you’re interested in finding out more about discernment groups.