Pastoral Care


Offering care and companionship to each other is an extension of what God does for us in the liturgy: listening, speaking, nourishing, forgiving, healing.

The pastoral care team at St. Paul’s offers various forms of Christian care for persons in the parish: sacramental confession, anointing for healing, communion, blessing newly borns and their parent/s; prayer; conversation; spiritual direction; guidance in finding a spiritual director or therapist; guidance in finding online and print sources suited for a person’s or family’s particular needs; occasional assistance with meals, getting to a physician or to church; occasional financial assistance (through the rector or priest in charge).

The area of pastoral care in all its dimensions is a shared ministry of clergy and laity at St. Paul’s. Sometimes what we need is a coffee date to talk through what’s going on. Other times we may need a visit from a Eucharistic Visitor, or a visit with an ordained person. Other times we may need to participate in a longer-term support group or in multiple sessions of counseling.

Please contact Martin Pommerenke (Parish Administrator) or Sara Fischer (Rector) should you desire any of these forms of pastoral care.

Or, to determine what you might need, you can contact the following people:

  • Eucharistic Visitors (someone who will visit you in the hospital or the home with the reserved sacrament): LizAnn Jones

Also, you may wish to visit our Pastoral Care Resources page for a listing of websites, audiobooks, and books that may be helpful to you during a time of personal loss.

Pastoral Care Core Team:

 Mother Sara

Sara Fischer, Rector


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Stephen Crippen, Deacon



Paul Dahlke


 LizAnn Jones

Lizann Jones, Eucharistic Visitor Coordinator



Loren Peters