connectingThe primary ways we have of connecting at St. Paul’s are the Sunday socials or coffee hours after each liturgy and events such as newcomers’ gatherings in parishioners’ homes that occur every other month as well as “Dinners for Eight,” a program through which a small group of parishioners share a monthly meal and share with responses with each other to particular questions around a yearly theme. Additionally, we attempt to build a social component into St. Paul’s so that people will not only learn something but by the end of the class will be more connected to each other. Finally, St. Paul’s has Neighborhood Book Groups that meet during the week throughout the city. To find out more about participating in any of the above social events, email the people below.

Sunday Coffee Hours/Socials

7:30 AM & 5PM Mass- Mother Sara Fischer:

9:00 AM Mass-  Loren Peters:

Social Groups

Newcomers’ Dessserts – Mother Sara Fischer:

Dinners for Eight – Mary Baranowski:

Neighborhood Book Groups – Mary Baranowski: