Why community is important

We believe that Christian life in its fullness is a life lived in intentional connection to people, even people we would not necessarily choose as our friends. In other words, without a connection to each another, we can’t fully know the person of Christ who is present in the faces and the experiences of others, especially those unlike ourselves. We are not meant to find our way alone in the Christian life. Thus, the parish, and St. Paul’s in particular, is not just a place to pray or to learn in a classroom setting or to do good works. It is a place to encounter and get to know others who may not be like us at all and yet are working out their own spiritual lives as we are. The parish and St. Paul’s is also a place from which its people can encounter and be in relationship with people outside the parish, often people in need, whose stories and life experience have as much to offer us as ours have to offer them.