Poetry in Sermons

We at St. Paul’s are poetry and literature lovers. It’s not surprising, then, that the art of the spoken word would express itself in sermons that draw from a range of poets and poetry. Poetry in the sermons at St.Paul’s serves a variety of purposes. Sometimes a poem captures the human condition to which our Gospel will speak. Sometimes a poem can capture the awe of the God we worship. Whatever role a poem plays in a sermon, it is not unusual to see people close their eyes as it’s read. Enjoy this selection of poetry that has occurred in our sermons and, if you wish to savor the entire sermon, go to the sermon itself in the link at the end of the poem

Goodness, by Kathleen Norris

Despite our good deeds, the chatter of our best … [Read more...]

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

  The art of losing isn’t hard to … [Read more...]

Sinners Welcome by Mary Karr

I opened up my shirt to show this man the … [Read more...]

Silence by Edgar Lee Masters

(excerpted—full poem here)   “I have … [Read more...]

Poems by Pablo Neurda and W. H. Auden

(These two poems were read together)  And it was … [Read more...]

Forgiving our Fathers by Dick Lourie

How do we forgive our fathers? Maybe in a … [Read more...]

When Death Comes by Mary Oliver

  When death comes like the hungry bear … [Read more...]

First Lesson by Philip Booth

  Lie back, daughter, let your head be … [Read more...]

On the Death of a Colleague by Stephen Dunn

  She taught theater, so we gathered in … [Read more...]

The Way it Is by William Stafford

  There’s a thread you follow. It goes … [Read more...]