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All Saints’ Chapel

All Saints’ Chapel

In 1938, as part of a building expansion program, All Saints’ Memorial Chapel was completed and dedicated. It was given by Mrs. Mayne, in memory of her husband, Maurice B. Mayne. The altar and altar rail were carved and given by Ernest Fowler.

All Saints’ Chapel in 1962

Two early 20th century stained glass windows refract light over the altar, but of utmost artistic significance is our crucifix and statue of St Peter. Created by renowned Southwestern artist George Lopez, both statues are representative of the Cordova, New Mexico school of woodcarvers that emphasizes simplicity of form.

Throughout the years, the chapel has cycled through a handful of updates and artwork, but remains a historic and meaningful part of the parish. The space is used for smaller services, praying the daily office, and as a space to keep watch annually at the Altar of Repose.