5 PM Liturgy

Who We Are

Created in 2009, our 5 PM Liturgy and the community that has formed around it aims to use the Anglo-Catholic liturgical and spiritual traditions of the parish and experiment with a greater involvement of the community itself in the creation of and participation in the liturgy.  Thus, our 5 PM liturgy is the same shape as our morning liturgies, and like the morning liturgies, makes us of silence and stillness, bowing, incense and chant.  At the same time, however, our 5 PM liturgy has a number of elements that are all its own: a “shared homily,” a time when community members respond to the brief homily offered by the preacher; the use of jazz, bringing a distinctively American modern spirit lives to the liturgy; an “in-the-round” configuration in our parish hall, meaning the community sees each other at the Eucharist; and finally, the use of artists-in-residence who offer their art as a part of the worship.